What does it mean to be healthy? To be truly well? More than being free from illness, wellness is a dynamic process of growth that leads to complete well-being - physical, mental, and social. We’re going to reimagine them all.
Consider a new caliber of fashion curation. Crafted to the highest quality, customized to the most delicate detail. Conveniently collected in one extraordinary place.
Every creation starts with an idea for something that is not yet there. Its language one of infinite playful imagination, spoken fluently by every architect of tomorrow’s world.
If it’s true that we are what we drive, then in the future we can be whoever we want to be. Free to go wherever we want and however we want to get there.
Art & Architecture
This is the epicenter of our dreams. In here, the work is never finished. And every day is an opportunity to build on the last until a new skyline dawns on the horizon.
Travel the world, following scents and flavours. Discover new culinary favourites you never knew existed. Or didn’t actually exist until someone decide to cook them up. Gather round and indulge yourself. Welcome to the Kitchen.
The idea for the Sanctuaries at Oakridge draw on a concept first introduced to the world in a project outside Paris in the 1960s. The result is a metaphorical tree fort or a reading nook, a place of refuge from the world, and equally, the best place to entertain.
Architects at Work
Watch in real time as the architecture team creates the planning & construction documents to begin to build the future Oakridge project. Study models, design explorations and more on display, which change daily as we get closer each day to beginning construction.
Goh Ballet Studio
Ballet is a dance like no other. It can express our deepest emotions and tell our most profound stories, and has influenced the foundational techniques of other dance genres and cultures worldwide. Now, Goh Ballet is coming to Oakridge.
Without the impetus of its people, a place is only buildings, streets, and squares. From here you will take up the pen that writes the future of Oakridge.
A beginning of beginnings. We are going to rethink the architecture of your world and ask what it means for the heart of a city to beat in time with its people.
Exhibition Shop
Visit the Unwritten Exhibition shop for mementos of the exhibition and to see the latest from our exhibition and project collaborators.
When music transcends a melody--adding instruments, voices and layers of harmonies--it becomes three-dimensional. Here, music is a living thing that imbibes feeling and transforms space.
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