Introducing Oakridge Strata Office

This is the first time Strata Office has been offered at Oakridge. Building on over three decades of success as a centre for professional office space and health care, Oakridge will be home to some of the best connected, well-designed and highly sought-after new workspace in the city.

This is your opportunity to own workspace designed for the creative economy as well as wellness and medical professions, in Vancouver’s new town centre. Less than 100 spaces are available, ranging in size from under 700 square feet to over 2500 square feet with the option for turnkey finishing.

What we are hoping to convey is how truly special this offering is. The opportunity to own curated, exceptionally designed workspace, on transit, interwoven within a new town centre and cultural hub for our city is unique and will only occur rarely. Contact us to book a previewing appointment today.

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For those looking to invest in Canadian real estate, strata office in Vancouver is one of the strongest opportunities available. The Vancouver office market is extremely healthy. Among the fastest growing in Canada, demand for office space is far exceeding supply, as the growth of our creative economy increasingly draws more firms, professionals and investment to our city.

The city designating Oakridge as a new town centre has provided us the opportunity to bring much needed new office capacity to a very tight market. Oakridge has historically been the medical and professional epicentre of the west side of Vancouver. On transit and in the geographical centre of the city, we have created a new opportunity, not only for the institutional landlord but now for the investor, to participate in direct ownership of workspace in Vancouver’s cultural hub and new town centre.

For the first time at Oakridge, we are bringing less than 100 strata office spaces to the market.

A Park for all of Vancouver
Nearly 10-Acre Park
Running Path
1KM Running Loop
Indoor and Outdoor Performance Venues
42 million visitors per year
A New Civic Centre
The Kitchen
A 100,000 sf of curated culinary experience
A Retail Experience Like No Other
Over 1,000,000 sf
Public Art
$8.2 million Public Art budget will animate the public spaces.
A World-Class Performing Arts Academy

The offices at Oakridge have been designed to offer world-class working environments to visitors and workers alike, taking full advantage of the offices’ pivotal location in Vancouver and proximity to the vibrant mix of retail, residential, cultural amenities and public life of the Living City at Oakridge.

The character of our offices reflect a connection to nature in every respect; the design maximizes access to the 10-acre park and full height windows offers expansive views of the Pacific Northwest. An authentic material palette of natural stone, wood and bronze are carefully detailed throughout to present a welcoming, professional atmosphere. Spaces have been designed with residential nuances to encourage lingering and collaboration, circulation spaces, such as the elevator lobby, cab and corridor take inspiration from hotels, to lift the experience of arriving to an office out of the mundane. The strata office units offer best-in-class infrastructure to accommodate the broadest range of work styles, from open benching offices to closed office and meeting room facilities, and can also accommodate healthcare-oriented uses.

For the turnkey finishing option, we have carefully pre-designed a contemporary office environment of bright, natural materials that can be customized with your choice of the latest in office furniture pieces and systems.

Individual Office

Floor Plates

Floorplates designed for creativity, flexibility, interaction and collaboration. A wide selection of spaces to suit every purpose are available, with the option for turnkey finishing. Sizes range from below 700 sf to over 2500 sf.

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Floor 6601-616

Oakridge medical workspace is designed in recognition that healthcare is one of the largest and constantly evolving industries in the world and that what it means to be healthy is also changing rapidly, as our knowledge continues to improve.

The workspaces offered in this project will be designed to accommodate the latest innovations in technology, changing best practices in healthcare as well as facilitate improved doctor-patient relationships. The medical-oriented workspace offering at Oakridge has been future proofed to meet highly specialized needs and adapt as new technological innovations arise. The HVAC system allows for improved ventilation for high air quality and increased capacity for fresh air circulation.

We have designed the workspace with the flexibility to accommodate specialized medical systems. One of the many advantages of the triple pane curtain wall system that has been installed to reduce the project’s carbon footprint is the by-product of dramatically improved acoustical performance, something particularly valuable in the medical and dental field, where patients will enjoy a significantly quieter environment.

These workspaces are located on a 10-acre park with all the benefits of proximity to nature, access to numerous fitness facilities, including a technology-integrated 1km running loop and connection to all of the project’s cultural amenities.

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Floor Plates

Floorplates designed for creativity, flexibility, interaction and collaboration. A wide selection of spaces to suit every purpose are available, with the option for turnkey finishing. Sizes range from below 700 sf to over 2500 sf.

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Floor 6601-625
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