The Kitchen

Inspired by the great traditional food halls of Europe and the more contemporary ones in Asia, the food hall at Oakridge aspires to be a destination for global cuisine. Designed by the internationally renowned firm Wonderwall, at approximately 2 acres this is more than just a food hall. This is an opportunity to stitch together one of the world’s most multicultural cities. The Kitchen at Oakridge will represent a culinary paradigm shift. We’re calling this the Kitchen because, like a home kitchen, that’s where people gravitate. Grand and welcoming in nature, the hall will be filled with sun from skylights above and a wall of windows opening into what will soon be Vancouver’s favourite park. This will be the beating heart of the entire community – the beautiful, lively setting for Vancouver’s kitchen party.


Role: Interior Designer – Retail and Commercial
Location: Tokyo
Principal: Masamichi Katayama

Bio: Wonderwall is an interior design firm founded by Masamichi Katayama and is known for its unconstrained approach in actualizing design concepts while respecting conventional and traditional design philosophies. Their strength lies in the ability to conceptualize distinctive environments that enhance the vision and branding clients aspire to, touching the subconscious of the consumer and occupant.

Contribution: Working and collaborating with the design team, Wonderwall is the lead concept designer for the retail and commercial interior of the mall, common areas throughout such as the mixing chambers and the primary two level foodhall, along with certain exterior aspects such as the outdoor terraced skylights and High Street.

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