Oakridge Manifesto
Our Goals Are Stunningly Ambitious.

We want to rethink the place we call home, the architecture of our world, the way we connect, the way we work, the way we shop, the way we travel, the way we exercise, the way we eat and what we eat, the way we meet friends, the way we love, the way we listen and what we listen to, the way we learn and are inspired, the way we create, experiment and explore, the way we see and try new things, the way we enjoy beauty, how we experience nature, the culture we are a part of, the footprint we leave – the way we live life.

These are our goals be part of this audacious journey with us.
The Park

At nearly 10 acres, the park will form the connective tissue of Oakridge, uniting all programs and user groups across the site, while weaving nature into the lives of residents and visitors. The Oakridge park will be accessible, with convenient paths connecting access points and major destinations, such as the Community Centre. The park is comprised of six interconnected spaces, each with their own identity: the Community Centre Park, the Woodlands, Meadow Gardens, Pocket Park, Upper Green and the Commons.


The future of mobility is being rewritten as we speak. We are developing Oakridge to recognize that everyone’s mobility needs are unique and designing the project with maximum flexibility. If you’re going to the airport, you have direct access to the Canada Line. There will be car sharing programs for those who need to drive but don’t want the inconvenience of ownership. The nature and potential of mobility is transforming at a rapid pace, but whatever options individual users choose or prefer – Oakridge is ready.


Oakridge will be home to one of the largest geo-exchange systems in Canada. The closed loop geo-exchange field and waste heat recovery system will accommodate Oakridge’s population, reducing their environmental footprint as well as the overall project’s while making use of the project’s convenient proximity to thermal energy. This system will reduce GHG emissions by nearly 70% which is the equivalent of removing 1,325 cars from the road.


Retail spaces are emerging as cultural town squares, places we go to learn, be inspired, try new things and co-create. Tailored to meet individual needs, modern retail concepts support the diversity of the community and offer visitors a sense of homecoming that online retailers never could. The Oakridge retail experience is comprised of over 300 concepts, brought together in a unique environment designed by Wonderwall, Tokyo’s leading retail designers, who have created some of the most inspiring stores around the world.


Building on over three decades of success as a centre for professional office space and healthcare, the new Oakridge plan adds approximately half a million square feet of new workspace, oriented toward fostering creativity and productivity for office-based professionals and those in the creative economy.

The Community Centre

The Oakridge Community Centre is envisioned as the cultural anchor for the neighbourhood, as much a public square as a building. Designed to operate seven days a week as a multi-use centre branching off from the main lobby, its dynamic range of programs, services and activities will cater to the unique needs of the Oakridge community. Amenities include athletic and community meeting facilities, a library, a daycare centre, cultural spaces and youth services.

Goh Ballet

As a permanent institution at Oakridge, Goh Ballet will leverage unparalleled new facilities to combine dance, education and performance into a world-class performing arts centre. Goh Ballet and its students will make a significant contribution to the way people express, view, and enjoy art day-to-day at Oakridge. The plan for Goh Ballet at Oakridge includes integrating enriching activities throughout the project, with everything from regular ballet performances in the park, to collaborations with musical performers, workshops, drop-in classes and exhibitions.


We have a longstanding commitment to live music – the essential, personal performance that goes beyond passive entertainment. We believe music has the ability to both inspire and contribute to our wellbeing. With a combined six indoor and outdoor live-music venues, Oakridge performance spaces will rival those in any of the world’s cultural hubs.

The Kitchen

The Kitchen at Oakridge will represent a culinary paradigm shift. It will be anchored by up to twenty kiosks overseen and run by culinary talent from around the world. The Kitchen will provide a sense of discovery – evolving, growing and surprising visitors with new choices and experiences each time.

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